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Eventhough his ring is a spoiler but he still melts me!! Faster come, “OPPA”! Haha. 😘 @realb2ng #bangyongguk #yongguk #bap #bestabsoluteperfect #bangleader #bangster #twitter #twitupdate #bapliveonearthpacific


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WTF! officially BAP’s MV Oneshot became my favourite one of all kpop MV’s that i have ever seen! really, i was crying while waching the MV, mostly when i saw Daehyun and yongguk i was like NOOOOOOOO! WHAT THE HELL WHO SHOT MY YONGGUK WAE HE HAVE TO DIE NO NO NO NO!!!!! and shouting like crazy, my mom had to came and give me my suppa poster of youngguk to calm me down :P but jinjja such an amazing creation! they are the perfect, perfect, perfect rokiees ♥

if u hadn’t saw the MV go wach it quikly!! what are you waiting for!!